Our Chief Canine Officers

Here at Rescue Me Inc. we have some very special K-9 Ambassadors. Below are their stories.

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Candy Our Inspiration
Pizmo, Dir of Hugs, Slurps & Kisses
Pooh Dir of Patience & Understanding
Snuggles, Dir of Tolerance & Respect
Oliver Dir of Slobber, Drool & Cool
Baldor Dir of black animal syndrome
Cowboy Director of Compassion

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Pooh Dir of Patience & Understanding

Pooh Bear, a Shar Pei /Chow Mix has a huge heart. He was badly abused as a pup & brought to an adoption event in a sealed box, duct-taped with no air holes in the worst rain storm. The truck slowed down & the box was thrown off the back of the pick up and they drove away. Upon opening the box we discovered 4 feral abused pups about 2 months old. We got them in a crate and rushed off to the vet where Dr. Z discovered they all had parvo. Pooh sadly NEVER trusted humans again.