Our Chief Canine Officers

Here at Rescue Me Inc. we have some very special K-9 Ambassadors. Below are their stories.

Click on a picture and learn more!!!

Candy Our Inspiration
Pizmo, Dir of Hugs, Slurps & Kisses
Pooh Dir of Patience & Understanding
Snuggles, Dir of Tolerance & Respect
Oliver Dir of Slobber, Drool & Cool
Baldor Dir of black animal syndrome
Cowboy Director of Compassion

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We are the "VOICE 4 the VOICELESS" ™
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Baldor Dir of black animal syndrome

Baldor's job and goal is to EDUCATE people on just how PAW-riffic black animals are and what wonderful pet companions they can make. They are NOT evil, don't have evil powers and are not mean in any way. You see, sadly black animals in shelters have a very high kill rate due to the lack of EDUCATION in humans. So often over looked in our shelters due to that lack of EDUCATION. PLEASE consider adopting a black animal.