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Our Director's 

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Vikki Cukier, Director of Fundraising

Vikki is an accomplished and experienced pet parent too many different ani‐pals including dogs, horses, mini horses, chickens, bunnies, birds a pig and many others. Her love of animals is from the heart and her world revolves around her babies. Her home and heart are ALWAYS open to an orphan in need of some love and a safe place to lay his or her head. This makes Vikki a valuable TEAM member for RESCUE ME INCORPORATED.

David, Director and Thor

David is a business man whom currently is a real estate agent in Southern California. David lives in a home with numerous animals including; a tortoise, 15 tarantulas, snakes, dogs and cats. He is a true animal lover.

Lisa Gutman

Lisa is a number one top rated, world class real estate associate. She is also a huge animal lover and equestrian with numerous animals living on her ranch. Lisa brings her knowledge of animals and love for all sentient beings to the board.

Adrienne Dumenigo and Zoie

Adrienne has been an animal groomer for over 40 years and has owned DOG GONE GOOD DOG GROOMING for 40 years. Now semi retired she enjoys doing a few dog client a week. We are thrilled to have her as a part of the Rescue Me Corporation TEAM.

Jay Dumenigo

Jay is a master contractor for over 40 years in Southern California and has been an animal lover his entire life. He is married to his wife Adrienne who is an animal groomer for over 40 years and as such he is surrounded by animals all the time. We are so excited to welcome him to our team.

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