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Wolf Pup's Rescued by RESCUE ME INC...


Allow us to introduce you to Baby Gaby {aka Baby Rayne} Wolf Pup.


ROAD TRIP.... It all started one very early morning when Gabriela and Joy hit the road for the long drive up to a local Wolf sanctuary to work with and visit the sanctuary and the resident wolves.


Upon our visit we learned of the following story and we knew we had to help, so in true Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated}  fashion we jumped into rescue mode and....


A litter of pups was exposed to and a few were symptomatic of possible pneumonia, thus they were taken to a local vet out there by the sanctuary for 'care' a week prior to our arrival.

One pup is dead, another magically has developed a broken leg and another is still ill.

Fortunately Gabriela and I were there when the call came in from the 'vet' and he was on speaker phone and I went to an immediate head tilt. 15 minutes later we were on the road getting ALL the animals out of that horrid facility.







This is what we need:

$4000.00 for surgery, this will include physical therapy and rehab after  surgery, as well as follow up visits. We need a food sponsor for raw meet as the pup is on raw red meat and chicken breasts {eats better then I do}

ALL donations can be made directly to the vet hospital please under the name of Baby Gaby Wolf Pup. 626-357-2251,  Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital. I have been using Dr Zabihi for 15 plus years and he has a Board seat with
Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} 





The male wolf pup is not doing well and will be going to see Dr Z tomorrow as well.  We will post more when we know more tomorrow.    


The long drive to our vet and Baby Gabi's wasn't good.

The pup with the broken leg we took {no questions asked} and she is now at our Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} vet awaiting ortho surgery on Monday, May 12, 2014 in the am.

Yes when 'rescue mode' kicks in it hits full force.

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Well, this is baby Cochise. He is Gabi's brother. He was presented unable to walk yesterday. His diagnosis after the test results came in today is another case of very brittle bone disease.


The good news is that he has no broken bones thus far but it is very painful for him to walk.


He has begun treatment today and will remain in the hospital for treatment then go into a rehab foster home.



Funds are still needed for both Cochise and Gabi and can be made directly to the vet at 626-357-2251 under the name of each wolf, or our act Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated}  PLEASE when you call in let them know which wolf you are supporting {if you have a choice}


Thank you all

Well, the tests are in and Cochise and Baby Gabi are both severely mal-nourished, very anemic and both have been diagnosed with brittle bone disease. They are both fighters and we will see that they both make a full recovery.

Our Incredible Corporate Sponsors for the Wolf Pups

This just in.... For the remainder of May and ALL of June Koda Care will donate 10% of online sales to the rehab of Gabi wolf. Go online and place your order today!!


June 1st UPDATE......

I am so excite to report that Cochise is in his new home with Veterinarian and wildlife expert Dr. Molnar where he will receive the continued care he will need long term. 


Rayne aka  Gabi is now home with me receiving her rehab until the 13th when her new daddy will be coming to L.A. and driving back to CO with her and our Exec V.P. Gabriela Castiilo.


We still need funds for the medical care they both received including the surgery to repair Raynes broken/shattered leg and treat them both for the severe mal~nutrition they suffered.

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