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Rescue Me Inc. Special Projects and

Giving Back oh it feels so good!

We at Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated } feel so good to be able to do events that give back to the community and those in need.  
On this page you will see some of the events we do in the community to help 'give back' as well as some of our special projects giving back to people and animals in need.
I felt so honored to be a

VIP guest and be able to  give back on this very special day. Thank you E.J. Jackson for including me!!! 

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The man of the day Mr. EJ Jackson. My hero for the  holiday season. 31 years of 'giving back' to the community we love.
So honored to have been a part of this day. So many wonderful people 'giving back' to those that need. 
A huge shout out to Mr. E.J. Jackson for 31 years of giving back to the community.
This year in 2013 the E.J. Jackson Foundation provided 13,000 turkey dinners to the people in the community that needed help to put a holiday dinner on the table.
We can't wait to be a part on the 2014 E.J. Jackson Turkey Dinner Giveaway!!!  
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