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Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} No~Kill Sanctuary

Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated}

"NO~KILL Animal Rescue Sanctuary"


We Have a Dream …


Picture in your mind’s eye, a sanctuary for an endless variety of beautiful creatures. A virtual rainbow of love. Dogs, cats, birds, donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, pygmy goats, horses or any other animal deserted, abandoned, abused, neglected, discarded, and rescued from various places and situations.

Some come from local animal pounds because they are too old or sick, or there is just no more room for them in the home they have grown to love.


Some come from veterinary offices where they have been left for a number of reasons.


Some come from the streets where they have nowhere to go.


Some have worked the race horse circuit and have ended their career and are left to die a painful death of starvation and abuse.


Others come from loving homes where, because of financial or health reasons, perhaps even a death of a beloved pet guardian, they find themselves with out a place to live.


We are Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} and we are a FOR LIFE organization. We are a California non~profit corporation, we are creating a sanctuary that will SAVE LIVES!!!!!

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How Can You Help?

Great News for Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} UPDATE!


We have found the perfect property to take Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated}’s platinum reputation and effective model for rescue to the next level.


The owner will not donate and is firm on the asking price for the property.


We have done our homework. This place is perfect and is zoned properly and is in a beautiful place.


This asking price is so doable with the help of our Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} and Touching the Lives of Americans family and supporters.

We are sending out this letter to ask all of our supporters to help us network to raise this money for this sanctuary for domestic and other animals as well as the programs to help adults and children not only with personal healing but education to start a new generation of people who care about how everything is connected on this planet and all life is important.


We will have programs that improve apprenticeships and rotating veterinary education and professionals.


We will have educational events. This will be so much more than just adoption/rescue sanctuary.


How you can help!


1-  Networking! We need all our wonderful supporters to share this information with your contacts to see what business people will come forward to help fund and fundraise.


2-  Donations! If you want to donate, please contact us or go directly here on our website and make a pledge with a note for the property and it will be added to our efforts. No amount is too small. 

3- ALL donation for the sanctuary will be added to a special account in trust for that purpose so please make a notation with your donation as so those funds can go where they belong.


Our business plan is available  upon request so you can see our vision and share with others to make this a successful thriving rescue sanctuary helping animals, people and the community!

We also invite you to join a zoom meeting with Craig and I to talk about the idea and answer questions to help this effort move forward effectively. More on this to come!

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We are the "VOICE 4 the VOICELESS" ™
Tax ID Number: 95-4863328
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