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Our Military Heroes
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Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} was established to help animals as well as humans. We have always been huge supporters of our Military and our troops and when we heard that so many heroes were coming home with P.T.S.D. {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder} T.B.I {Traumatic Brain Injury} and were in need of service dogs for the afore-mentioned as well as Emotional Support Dogs we knew we had to help and assist them. After finding out the cost of these dogs, any where from $12,000 to $50,000 and up depending on the training and the dog we knew we had to help those in need and provide them dogs FREE of charge to these men and women that have fought for our freedom/s.


When a soldier comes home from the war the entire family faces new challenges, especially if that soldier comes home with P.T.S.D. or a T.B.I. or is in need of emotional help and support.
For those that have kids, they get effected as well. This is my little hero Abbi, the daughter of two Military heroes Abbi knows oh to well about both her returning parents have this disease.
Abbi is a very special little girl and as such we wanted to do something very special for we played a little trick on her and the entire family at Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated}  was in on it as well as her mom, dad, grandma and papa too.
We first met Abbi at an event her mom was invited to attend as a                                                           special VIP guest and we were immediately in LOVE with Abbi. Abbi fell in love with one of                                                         our rescue dogs seen here, Benny .                      
After meeting a few more times we decided that Abbi's daddy                                                                  needed a P.T.S.D. service dog but he was resistant so we told him that Abbi was going to train                                                      the dog as  anything               Abbi does is accepted by daddy.
So the game was on.... We kept putting off the meeting and training                                                       sessions and as it got closer to the holidays Abbi's mom had to make up excuses for us all not                                                          getting together.                                    
The day finally arrived and we all got together and we sat down on the couch and I told Abbi that we felt that Benny wasn't going to be the right dog for daddy after all, {and as I am trying to keep it together} I proceeded to say but we are going to find a dog that would be better for daddy as grandma thought a dog that was a little larger would be better.
Well, her little eyes started to well up with tears and I couldn't go further... It was time so I looked at Abbi and I said but Abbi we have a BIG surprise for you and we proceeded to tell her that we were going to give Benny to her. Benny was going to be your dog Abbi. The tears of sadness turned to tears of JOY and happiness.
We get regular updates on Benny and pix as well from Abbi. Benny is so happy as is Abbi and her daddy and mom and the entire family.
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