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Tiny is a rescue that will be trained to be a service dog/emotional support dog for a returning Military hero...

Tiny is a gentle giant that will be a constant companion for a very special hero in need.


Funds are needed for Tiny's medical care and training.


Please help if you can.




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Touching the Lives of Americans

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Tiny in Daycare
Tiny Says Throw the Ball
Tiny Resting
Tiny Playing Ball
Tiny Looking 4 his Ball
Tiny in the tub
Tiny hanging in the yard
Tiny and Joy Hug

Touching the Lives of Americans, is a DOGumentary/reality show that focuses on non profit, Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} an all species animal rescue. This focuses on this organization working hard for the betterment of children, including special                                                      needs kids, Veteran hero's and our program of providing each of them with a RESCUED                                                 and trained dog to meet their individual needs. ALL dogs will be rescued from                                                           City/County municipal pounds, thus saving three lives. {The pound dog, two the Veteran,                                              three making space for another dog at a pound. 

The dogs in our program will all be rescued                                               dogs from local shelters. They will then be trained to be a heroes new BFF.


Sadly, when our Military heroes return home and are diagnosed with P.T.S.D. {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder} they are often given a bag of psychotropic drugs, a pat on the back a hand shake and a, make an appointment in 3 months to touch base...

This is NOT okay.

Animals have been proven to make a difference in people suffering from P.T.S.D., TBI'S and other psychological disorders. Why not give a soldier a new BFF, someone they can ALWAYS turn to for unconditional love and support? We say that's the best drug... love and some fuzzy dog fur!!!! 


The dog is trained alongside his/her human in order to build the human/animal bond. They dogs will ALL be provided FREE of charge to our angels in need.

Touching the Lives of Americans has a goal to TEACH and EDUCATE people that

BIG dogs aren't scary or to be feared at all. Over the past 30 plus years the media

has made people so frightened of the Pit Bull breeds and power breeds that we are

going to use that in our favor and to EDUCATE humans that these breeds are

amazing companions and can make great additions to any family. That being said

we are going to be using many power breeds including Pit Bulls in our program

and training them and making them service dogs/emotional support dogs and

great human companions.

Too many soldiers and animals die every day. The dogs rescued and rehabbed need a human that wants unconditional love and our hero angels need that unconditional love so it is a win win for all.

We NEED your support.


ALL donations can be made to us at PayPal at or snail mail at:

21200 West Oxnard Street, Suite 385, Woodland Hills, CA. 91367

Please make a notation that this is for Touching the Lives of Americans and for our service dog training.


Thank you!!!

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