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The orphans in our programs come from death row at our local kill pounds in Southern California.

We do our best to stay true to our Mission and Purpose Statement and take in ONLY special needs, abused, injured, neglected and senior animals in need of our care. Every once in a while there is a special a case animal control calls us about and if we can help we are happy to do such to save a life or lives!!!  

On this page we will be sharing our available animals for adoption, so if you have a place in your heart and home for a wonderful, rescued BFF please let us know as so we can help make a LOVE connection!!!

 EVERY animal we adopt will be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, groomed, up to date on   non~toxic flea control and microchipped.

If underage and unsafe to spay/neuter at the time of adoption, we don't spay/neuter and there is an additional agreement that said puppy will be spayed/neutered at the proper age. 


Check out our adorable orphans looking for their forever homes below.

A donation is requested with the adoption of your new BFF.


This donation helps cover a portion of the costs of rescue, neutering/spay, vaccinations, and any other needed veterinary care. 


Suggested donation(s) are as follows. 


These fees are effective as of January 1, 2024.

Please know and understand that our costs for each orphan have gone up exponentially as medical fees have risen. We pay for each animal we save from a pound and meet ALL medical requirements prior to adoption. 

  • Adoption fees vary depending on the dog and will be discussed at the time of interest.

These donations cover only a small portion of our costs in relation to rescuing an orphan.


Our current costs on rescue per orphan vary depending on necessary testing, vaccinations, spay & neuter, vet care, feeding, grooming and caring for our orphans until they find their forever homes.


Please understand there is an adjustment period for each orphan placed in a new home.


If the adoption doesn’t work out for any reason, you MUST agree to return the orphan to Rescue Me Corporation {Incorporated} IMMEDIATELY and said orphan may NEVER be dropped off at any municipal animal care facility or given away to another person. He/she comes right back to us. 


This little lady is Duchess and she came to us from the pound after she was confiscated by the police department after her human was arrested. Unfortunately this little girl, had some medical issues that seemed to be hindering her adoption at the pound —she has a history of chronic ear infections, and her left ear was chronic to the degree that the ear canal was no longer open. At that stage of the disease when we rescued her she needed surgical removal of the ear canal (TECA-LBO)

Maggie, Aussie X

Maggie is a 14 year young Aussie mix that has been with her family since she was 10 weeks old. Her humans are now in their late 70's and unable to care for her as they are moving into a new home and they can't take her. Please, if someone is interested and has a place in their heart and home for this senior lady feel free to contact me ASAP. Let's help this lady find her final home.


Look at this pretty girl. Maeve is her name and she is a Boxer, Lab, Pitty Mix. Her human is about to have a second baby and she has realized that she is unable to handle a new born and give Maeve the attention she deserves so she has asked for our help. She loves other dogs her size but plays a bit rough with smaller dogs. She is spayed an up to date on her vaccines. If you think you are a good match for Maeve please let me know and we will arrange a meeting with her and you.

Skyler and Athena

Friends here is just another case of someone rehoming their dogs. The hope is obviously to keep them together.... Here are the deTAILS; Athena is a 7 year old English bulldog named , and Skyler is a 2 year old German Sheperd. They’re both females Their guardian moved from a house to now renting a room with other people and was unable to take her dogs with her. A family friend offered to take care of them but they were not a good home.


Introducing Cheech. He is a young pug mix searching for his forever home right now. His story is so sad: {From his rescuer} My neighbors had a young pug mix who has been allowed to run wild on a very busy street. When I saw the dog running back and forth across the street I spoke with my neighbor and the conversation ended with me walking away with the dog. They admitted they weren’t able to properly care for him. Cheech is looking for his forever home


Holy Shih Tzu!!!!! Look at this cute fella. Walter is a 10 years old Shih Tzu but thinks he is 2 years old. Adopted from the Downey pound as the guardian was looking for a smaller dog after her heart dog passed. By no fault of his own he is not working out as the two other larger dogs in the house are not appreciating Walter and the guardian refuses to take him back to the pound and has asked us for help. If interested PLEASE contact Rescue Me Incorporated

Wally Pit Bull Lab Mix

Wally is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He is a German Shepherd/Pitty Mix! He gets along with other animals (he plays rough with other dogs but not aggressive at all) He loves all people! He had 7 in home training classes. He learned simple behaviors like sit, stay, leave it and down. He walks well with a gentle leader, is crate and potty trained. If interested in this handsome fella, please contact us and we will put you in touch with his human. Wally is an outreach dog

Bailey Russian Blue Cat

13 years young and in need of a new forever home. If interested, please contact us ASAP as she will be going to the pound if the humans can't find her a new home. No animal should end up at the pound because their human has died. Bailey is an outreach cat and donations are appreciated.

Willow Playing with Lambchop

This is Willow. Born on May 21, 2023 she is a purebred Pomeranian. Willow has been seen by two doctors that have diagnosed her with nystagmus. The cause of this can be a congenital neurological disease. We did blood work and it all looked good. Her eyes flicker but she is all and all a very normal fun-loving puppy. She plays with toys and other dogs and has a great life. She is ready for her forever home. Willow is up for adoption at $800.00

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