Our Chief Canine Officers

Here at Rescue Me Inc. we have some very special K-9 Ambassadors. Below are their stories.

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Candy Our Inspiration
Pizmo, Dir of Hugs, Slurps & Kisses
Pooh Dir of Patience & Understanding
Snuggles, Dir of Tolerance & Respect
Oliver Dir of Slobber, Drool & Cool
Baldor Dir of black animal syndrome
Cowboy Director of Compassion

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Cowboy Director of Compassion

Cowboy is one of the most compassionate, sweet dogs I have ever met. We knew he had to hold a seat on our CCO’s Board of Directors. Another victim of Black Dog Syndrome. Overlooked at the shelter. Why Director of compassion you might ask, well let me tell you. This sweet angel was at a local high kill shelter and due to the fact he was a BIG BLACK DOG he had a very low chance of getting out alive, but he did thanks to our V.P. Vikki and her hubby Jeff.