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Actor Sylva Kelegian's August FUN-draiser

GOD Spelled Backwards & The Dolphin Princess

Hi Friends......BOOKS ARE BOUGHT ONLINE FOR THIS FUN-DRAISER!!!!!! I have known Sylva Kelegian for many many years now and she and I have rescued and placed many a dog together.

She has a HUGE heart for animals and it has been a pleasure to work with her to save lives. Where she found time to write a book with her acting career and saving lives is beyond me but she did and she has generously offered to help Rescue Me Inc raise funds with her fundraiser this month. YEAH THE ENTIRE MONTH The HOWL-I-DAYZ are coming up fast and this would make a great gift, stocking stuffer, b-day gift etc for the little's. Heck get one to read to the pets in your life as 50% that's right 50% is coming back to us to help animals!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE SHARE! Sylva Kelegian's 2015 award winning books, GOD SPELLED BACKWARDS: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue and THE DOLPHIN PRINCESS will be donated to RESCUE ME for the month of August. Books must be bought through where you can see reviews. "GSB" is a spiritual and entertaining account of what it's like to be a rescuer in Los Angeles and THE DOLPHIN PRINCESS is a magical story for children and young at heart adults! So come on and buy a book, support kids reading and help us save more lives. Get a book for the kids to read to their pets!!!!!! Love you all...... STOP READING THIS AND GO SHOPPING PLEASE!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!

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