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This is Why I Do What I Do

People often ask me, {"Joy why do you rescue, rehabilitate and save animals?"}

Well, this is why:

On October 25, 2011 I was introduced to a very "special" dog. Now, I know you are thinking I always say they are all special and they are, but this guy and I connected right away and I knew I had to move mountains the size of Kilimanjaro to save him.

His name was Rugby at the pound. He was seized from a home that was fighting dogs and he was being used as a bait dog.

Now just too add some clarity to this blog many bait dogs are chosen whom don't fight back as it gives the fighting dog a chance to fight, yet not get hurt. Rugby was just such a dog.

The moment I met him I felt his kind energy. He was saying he never wanted to fight and was asking for me to help him find his forever home.

I was on a mission to make sure that he left the pound with an amazing family whom would worship and treasure him forever.

He kept being over-looked as he had some bite marks on his head and legs and people immediately thought he was a mean fighting dog. Alas, he was just the polar opposite.

As I like to call them, he is a purebred kissy bull.

So why now in 2016 do I do a blog on him when there have been so many dogs that I have rescued since? GREAT question!!!

Well, thanks to social media and Facebook his story popped up in his families memories today and they sent a charming, sweet message of thanks to me which left me in a puddle of my own tears.

Please allow me to share... This was sent to me on social media today, "Joy Elyse Nadel here's a glimpse at Gandhi's {formerly Rugby} new life as the prince he is... and he's abSOULutely still a super kissy bull!"

This is Gandhi, the dog formally known as Rugby.

Looks to me like he has found a very special home with amazing people to call his family!!!

He is being spoiled they way he should be!!!

And he even has a brother pictured below to play with.

Gandhi and Buddha just chilling on the sofa {notice they sleep the same} The message above was soon followed up by this message... "Oh and Joy Elyse Nadel thank you so much for being one of the MANY awesome people that were part of the journey that brought us together with our precious baby boy."

My response was, " I am in a puddle of tears here. I remember him so very well. He was a fav of mine. Thank you for giving him the life he so deserves! Bless your heart and thank you for this update."

So why do I do what I do? This is why!!!!

Congrats Gandhi and may your life continue to be filled with love, peace, compassion and a bunch of hugs and kisses as you so deserve this from now till eternity!!!

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