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Why I Started Rescue Me Inc.

I knew from a very young age that ALL I wanted to do was work and be with animals.

I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have an animal.

Yes, as a kid I was the one that brought home all the injured animals in the neighborhood to nurse back to health. From dogs and cats, to owls, birds and even a wolf pup who's mom was hit by a car {died} and was left at the side of the road scared.

When my father walked out on our family {I was 9 years old} my Brownie/Girl Scout/Boy Scout/Cub Scout stay at home mother had to go to work to support the house and us kids as when my father walked out....he walked out for good.

I became a latch key kid. When I woke up in the morning to get ready for school mom was leaving for work and I had to get my brother ready for school, fed and then walk him to school and catch my bus to go to school. After school I walked to his school to fetch him, then we both walked home. When we arrived at home and opened the door, the happiness began as I was greeted by my best friend Seymour {my beautiful snow white Samoyed}

I started dinner so it would be ready by the time my mother got home. Then gave my brother a bath, made sure he did his homework, read to him, did my homework all the time with Seymour by my side.

My mother suffered from mental illness and as such I never knew what mood she would arrive home with. I always had my dog by my side to help me through the hard times.

As I got older, I developed some challenges in my life and having been born with special needs myself they made themselves more noticeable.

I had to endure speech therapy 5 days a week as well as physical therapy. This made it hard for me to play with my friends often, but I always had my BFF Seymour to play with and he never judged me for my disabilities. he was my reading buddy as I read to him to help me with my speech.

One day I came home and Seymour was gone. My mother gave him away {or so she said}

At that point I knew that NO ONE would EVER take one of my animals away from me EVER again.


Now when I was in school learning disabilities were not diagnosed the way they are today, so I suffered greatly in school. I was told I was lazy, didn't want to do the work and more....

It wasn't until I was 26 years old that I was diagnosed with A.D.D. and Dyslexia. School was a huge challenge and I was just not a good student thus the dream of being a Veterinarian was gone, BUT I still knew I wanted to work with animals.

At 26 I got a job working at my then vets office. I was doing grunt work and in a six month period I was the practice manager and was being trained in technician work as well. I LOVED MY JOB!!!!!!

During that time I saw so many animals come and go through our doors, many of whom were rescues. We worked with a few rescues at the office and yes I caught the rescue bug. {There is no cure one bitten}

Craig and I started to volunteer for an organization and we did that for three years, then I had the epiphany to start our own rescue and SAVE LIVES!!!!! Craig was on board.

I quit my very well paid job to start Rescue Me Inc. {NO PAY}

I was finally making a difference in the animal community. Although not a vet I was still saving lives.

I saw the need to help the animals no one else wanted....... the special needs animals, the animals with one eye, cut ears, sarcoptic mange, three legs, injured, abused, parvo, distemper and seniors that are so often over looked as everyone wants a puppy or kitten.

I learned to train dogs, read body language, read behavioral messages animals were sending out and I was and am happy!!!! I found my life's work.

At age 25 I was help up and assaulted at gun point which left me with a permanent disability to my neck and back. I was laid up for a long time and during my recovery and P.T.S.D. diagnosis I always had my faithful companion/s by my side. The ones that never judged me by my mood, stress level or the fact I didn't get out of my Hello Kitty jammies on a particular day.

I now work not only with rescuing animals from HIGH KILL pounds, but we are taking dogs out of said facilities and training them to be service dogs for our returning Military heroes coming back from over seas with P.T.S.D.

I LOVE that I can give back. Although my P.T.S.D. is in no way like that these men and women as well as K-9's come home with I can relate to the symptoms.

Touching the Lives of Americans was born to help our heroes.

Please check out the work Rescue Me Inc. does at and then the work we do at Touching the Lives of Americans at

I hope this will give you all a little more insight to whom I am and why I do what I do each and every day of my life.......with a smile on my face and often times tears in my eyes, but I am making a difference.

As a kid with special needs whom was in and out of hospitals all my life, never let anyone tell you that you can't do what your heart guides you to do. I did it when all I was told my entire life was I would never be able to do that. Follow your dreams and NEVER accept no for an answer.

Please remember we survive on donations and donations can be made to our PayPal account at


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